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Meet The Makers

Tegan and Luke, smiling outdoors

Candle Folk

G’day there, mate! Cheers for droppin’ in. Grab a seat on the old stump and let us tell ya a bit about ourselves. We’re Tegan and Luke, a fair dinkum husband-and-wife duo who are bonkers about all things Aussie-inspired and eco-friendly when it comes to our handmade home fragrances.

Stump and Co was born out of Tegan’s yearnin’ for a work-life balance after becomin’ a mum, and her newfound love for makin’ candles, which sparked during our very own DIY wedding. We even put our creative chops to work and handcrafted some wooden stump candle holders. Mate, let me tell ya, those beauties were an absolute hit with our wedding guests. We had ’em ravin’ about ’em!

So, saddle up and enjoy the ride as we bring the essence of the Aussie bush straight to ya home. Our fragrances will transport ya to wide-open spaces, with the aroma of eucalyptus and pine fillin’ the air. It’s like takin’ a deep breath of fresh mountain air, revitalizin’ ya spirit with every whiff.

“This is what lit the fire in my belly, the moment I fell in love with candle-making. It’s a bloody ripper product that brings together memories and pure joy, as one. Every whiff sparks a memory and allows ya to escape the boring, mundane day-to-day humdrum.” Tegan Owner


Let me spill the beans about our cozy candle shed, nestled in the country town of Gympie, Queensland. It’s a fair dinkum place where the scents of the Aussie paradise waft through the air. We’ve got a top-notch gang of mates helpin’ us out, makin’ sure you get your very own jar of pure Aussie bliss, delivered right to your doorstep.

Our team may be small, but we’re a mighty bunch. We wick those candles like champs, pour ’em with care, and slap on labels like nobody’s business. We’re all about puttin’ that extra lovin’ touch into every fragrance we craft. It’s like we’re bottlin’ up a breath of fresh mountain air, a moment of escape and rejuvenation, just for you.

So, mate, when you receive that package from us, know that it’s been packed with love and care. We’ve sealed in the essence of the great outdoors, so you can bring a piece of nature into your everyday. It’s not just a candle, it’s an experience, a chance to breathe in the beauty of the Aussie bush and find solace in its embrace.

From little things, big things grow

We may have started from scratch, but our goodies can now be found in heaps of stores all over Oz, so ya don’t need to worry if ya can’t make the trek to our shed in Gympie. You can even order straight from our website, fair dinkum!

We’ve got some golden scents that will have ya driftin’ off to the great outdoors in no time. Bush Walk, Tobacco, The Reef, Amber & Moss, and Spotted Gum are our true blue best-sellers, and it ain’t hard to see why. With each whiff, ya get transported straight to the bushland, or reef, or whatever tickles ya fancy!

These beauties ain’t just a product; they’re an experience that’ll have ya escapin’ from the grind, takin’ a breath of fresh mountain air – right in ya own home. So, what are ya waitin’ for, cobber? Start pickin’ and choose the one that suits ya fancy!

Tegan and her daughter playing outside

Meet Our Team

We're a tight-knit bunch of Aussie mums, mate! We get our hands dirty, wickin', pourin', and packin' each and every order with a whole lotta love and care. We know the power of nature, the magic it brings to our lives, and we wanna share that with ya.


Owner / All-rounder


Co-founder + Tegan's stress manager


Packin' Wizard


Copywrittin' + Marketin' Wizard


Candle Makin' + Content Creatin' Wizard

So, when you receive your parcel from us, know that it's been crafted by these amazing mums, who pour their heart and soul into every order. It's not just a product you're gettin'; it's an experience, a chance to embrace the power of nature and find solace in the great outdoors.

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