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Whether you are a veteran Wood Wick master or a novice, we have some red hot facts about our wood wicks to share.

Wood Wick Candle Facts:


Wood Wicks crackle while burning. Think cosy campfire or open fire place ambience, but with your choice of aroma. It doesn’t get much better than that! A study found that the crackling noise of Wood Wicks are more calming than their cotton wick’d siblings.   


Wood Wicks provide a flat horizontal flame, providing a more modern feel over the traditional cotton wicks. Wood Wicks blend seamlessly with your home decor style. These beauties are totally insta-worthy!   


We are passionate about our products being non-toxic. Our Wood Wicks are nothing but wood! It’s all about keeping it clean and simple. 

Eco-friendly and charitable:

The wicks are made from 100% natural, untreated and sustainable Sappy Fruit Tree wood grown in the USA. And for every $100 of Wood Wicks we purchase, plants a tree. Honestly, it’s a win, win! 

Long lasting scent:

Fragrance and crackle for days! Wood Wicks burn slower than cotton wicks, meaning you get more bang for your buck. 

Clean burn:

Say goodbye to soot. Wood Wicks don’t ‘mushroom’ like tradition cotton wicks, this helps to reduce carbon, debris buildup and soot. Break or trim your charred Wood Wick before each burn for a clean, brilliant flame.  

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