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Stop annoying tunnelling in its tracks!

Tunnelling, you know that really infuriating circle of wax around the wick that is higher than the wax closest to the wick? That’s tunnelling, it is unsightly but also prevents the candle from burning correctly. Tunnelling occurs when you don’t allow the wax pool to melt to the edges, which is incredibly important for the candle’s first burn as this sets the candles wax memory. So how can you correct this? Great question, read on for a simple trick to fix this issue…

Steps to correct a tunnelling candle

Step 1 – You will need a piece of aluminium foil, large enough to wrap completely around the candle. Wrap the foil around the offending candle, ensuring the foil overhangs the areas of wax that are built up. 

Step 2 – Carefully light the candle and wait until wax has completely melted to the edge of the candle and evened out.

Step 3 – Blow candle out and remove foil. Your candle is now ready for its next tunnel free, perfect burn. 

Hot tips for a trouble free candle

Following burn times are highly recommended in order to maintain that perfect candle burn each and every time. Depending on candle size, burn times will vary to reach full melt. See burn times for candles size below…

Tins – 1 hour

Small jars – 2-3 hours

Medium jars – 3-4 hours

Large jars – 4 hours 

Can-dles – 2.5 hours

We recommend burning your candle to full melt during every use and extinguishing it when you have a 2cm deep liquid pool. If the full melt is reached every burn each full melt will become quicker. Once your candle wax has reached the halfway point we suggest your burn times decrease by about an hour.

Tins – It is recommended that tin candles are not burnt for longer than 2-hour periods. This will prevent acceleration ‘power burning’ (large flame and uses up wax quicker). Burning for under 2 hours each burn will ensure you get the most out of your tin candle. 

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