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A quick and simple way to refill your jar

You bought a wax refill for your favourite Stump and Co candle. Mate, that is an excellent choice! Say goodbye to running out of your fave scents and less waste in landfill. Everyone’s happy! 

So how do you refill that candle jar of yours? Read on to find out… 

1. Firstly inspect your jar to ensure it’s free from cracks and/or damage. We use tempered glass that is specifically manufactured for candle use and is designed to be reused! How great is that? But, we recommend you inspect the jar and always follow candle care instructions. 

2. Now you need to make sure your jar is free of old wax, you can see how to remove old candle wax from your jar here. 

Great, now your jar is ready for the wax refill!

3. Flip your refill wax upside down and peel off the tab that will keep your wick in place. Then pop the wax refill into your jar and press down firmly to secure. 

BAM! Your candle is ready to enjoy. 

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