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G’day there, candle lovers. Did you know there is a right and wrong way to light a wood wick candle? No? Well, you’re in the right place cause we are about to light up your life. Knowing the correct way to light your candle will help it last longer and burn more efficiently. Follow our step by step guide to get the most out of your Stump & Co. wood wick candle.

Keep your wick trimmed

Step 1: Trim the wick, 5mm above the wax is the prime height. You can do this using a wick trimmer, o;d nailer clippers or to keep it simple, use your fingers to break the excess wick off. If the wick is too long the wax will not travel up the wick and will dim, extinguish or not light, and ain’t nobody got time for that.  The wick cut too short will struggle to stay alight too. 

Wood Wick candle in hand

Let the flame draw across

Step 2: Tilt the candle on an angle and allow the flame to draw across the wick. If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Wood wicks can take a few attempts to light, but once lit should burn evenly and not produce smoke. When lit correctly the heat from the flame will draw the wax through the wick providing an even burn. 

lighting Can-dle

Enjoy your wood wick candle

Step 3: Enjoy! Sit back and relax to the soothing crackle and olfactive experience of your Stump and Co candle.


Step 4: Don’t blow it out too soon!
While we know you may want to burn your candle all day long, we recommended burning for a minimum of 30 mins, but no longer than four hours. Allowing your candle to crackle away until the wax melts to the edges of the jar will ensure your candle will burn evenly, smell amazing and look great too! 

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