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Have you got a wood wick candle that just won’t stay lit? It can be an eye-twitch-inducing issue, fret not though, we have a solution! There are two common reasons why your candle won’t stay lit.

Tunnelling Candles

Tunnelling, you know that really infuriating circle of wax around the wick that is higher than the wax closest to the wick? That’s tunnelling, it is unsightly but also prevents the candle from burning correctly. Tunnelling occurs when you don’t allow the wax pool to melt to the edges, incredibly important for the candle’s first burn as this sets the candles wax memory. So how can you correct this? You’ll need piece of aluminium foil, wrap that around your offending candle, ensure the foil overhangs the areas of wax that are built up, then light it and let it do its thing. After a few hours the wax should have melted and evened out. No more tunnelling, a perfect even burn. 

Drowning Wick

Drowning wicks. You light your wood wick, beverage in hand, you might be about to take a relaxing bath. Your toe hits the bath, but it’s deathly quiet. You notice that soothing crackle and sumptuous scent has stopped! Sounds dire doesn’t it? Fret not, we’ve got your back folks. How do you avoid this? Make sure you don’t trim your wick back too short. Do not cut or break it back to anything less than 5mm in length. How do you fix this? Light the wick and let the wax pool melt around it. Once enough wax has melted extinguish the candle and get some paper towel. Use the paper towel to soak up some of the melted wax. This will allow the wick to have more room to breathe.

Trimming and Relighting

To keep your candle smelling and looking its best there are two key instructions you should follow. Most importantly, the first burn. The first burn sets the candles wax memory, not allowing enough time during your candles first burn will set your candle up for tunnelling and as discussed earlier that is not cool. Secondly, you need to maintain that wick! A trimmed wick means a beautiful burn, every burn. Trimming the wick is quick and easy. After you’ve finished enjoying that soothing crackle and aromatic indulgence, allow the wick to cool. Once cool, pinch the black area of the wick and gently break it away. If you prefer to not get those hands dirty, you can purchase a candle wick trimmer or simply use nail clippers to trim the wood. 

Following these simple steps will ensure you get the most out of your wood wick candle.  

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