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Packaging that keeps our customer's happy and the environment too!

Packaging glassware to survive the often rough and harsh conditions of postage to make it safely to your doorstep was not an easy task.

When we started Stump & Co we were using bubble wrap, but the plastic waste was not something that sat well with us as a brand. Not only was it unsightly, it created a lot of unnecessary environmental waste.

We quickly moved away from plastic packaging on to bio-degradable packing peanuts. This was a great step forward in terms of our environmental impact, but still didn’t really fit our brand aesthetic.

We wanted to find a solution that not only was sustainable but looked appealing, prevented breakage and was easy for our customers to dispose of.

After a lot of online research we came across Signet’s eco-friendly range of paper protective packaging, which is 100% recyclable and was the perfect fit for Stump & Co’s brand aesthetic.

Since using Signet’s packaging we have had ZERO damaged items in our packages and our customer mates are loving the look and unboxing experience.

Love the Stump and Co products, they’re always packed beautifully and smell amazing from the moment you open the box! My orders are always processed quickly and with the most care!
I can’t recommend this company more!” – Nola 

Experience our Aussie inspired home fragrances and unboxing experience for yourself today!


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