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Take a look behind the scenes of our limited edition CAN-dles – Bush Christmas Collection.

It’s here, after years of blood, sweat, tears and a few craft beers, Bush Christmas is ready for you to get your hands on! What started out as a mission to find new glassware, soon turned into an idea for an entire new range. With a love for helping Aussie animals, old Aussie children’s books, craft beer and creating products that are as environmentally friendly as possible, the idea for Bush Christmas was born. Combining all four caused many sleepless nights, but in the end we got there.

A walk down memory lane

<<< It’s me, little Tegan. I was certain I was going to be the next Steve Irwin.

Photo: Broken Hill – 1998 feeding a rescue joey. 

Bush Christmas Candle Collection - Illustrations

Meet the Illustrator

The artist behind the Bush Christmas Wood Wick candle illustrations! The oh-so-talented and award-winning La La Land artist Lilly Miranda Perrott. We were thrilled to have had the honour to work with Lilly on this new range and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Lilly has worked with companies such as Myer and Streets Ice Cream.

An exciting milestone for us was receiving the first sketches Lilly created.
The illustrations for this series were inspired by my favourite Aussie children’s authors. I wanted to create labels that were reminiscent of the feel-good, fun, bush style books these authors/illustrators produced.

FUN FACT- Lilly created this series while on the road in their self-made campervan, honeymooning around Australia. She drew inspiration from animals she’d encountered along the way when creating the illustrations.    
You can check out her portfolio and read more about her by clicking here.

Bush Pudding Wood Wick CAN-dle notes to the illustrator:

A Christmas dinner/feast scene set in the Aussie outback or bush. The guests are Aussie animals of course. Featuring a dessert table full of Aussie Christmas classics like trifle, rum balls, traditional Christmas pudding, pavlova, and maybe even an Aussie gingerbread ute. I would like it to be based around a mother and child relationship on Christmas, with the kids wild and free in the bush.

Golden Wattle and Pine Candle

Golden Wattle and Pine Wood Wick CAN-dle notes to the illustrator:

Decorating a Golden Wattle tree with little Christmas lights in it. Featuring Magpie/s. My idea here was to show a mum magpie/s collecting (stolen) Christmas decorations for her nest/chicks. Maybe featuring one magpie looking like she might swoop or multiple magpies.


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