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Lemongrass reed diffuser

Our collection of Australian inspired reed diffusers throws a breath-taking scent throughout your home. Our fragrance collection draws inspiration from the great Australian landscape, with scents from the coastline, rainforest, outback, and special places in-between. We use diffuser base oils that are 100% natural, cruelty-free and long-lasting. If you’re chasing a flame and toxic free alternative to home fragrances, reed diffusers are your go-to. 

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What are Reed Diffusers?

Reed diffusers consist of a vessel, fragrance oil and reeds. 

1. The vessel holds the fragrance oil and reed diffuser sticks. Our glass vessels were designed to complement any home decor style, having an understated beauty about them.

2. The diffuser fragrance. Here at Stump and Co. we use Australian made, vegan friendly, enivromentacly-friendly, biodegradable and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) base oil and essential oils to ensure your home is smelling bonzer while being toxic-free. 

3. Diffuser reeds. The reeds are made from rattan sticks. We use rattan as we find the small channels in the wood allows for an easier route for the oil to travel up, which provides better aroma distribution throughout your home.       


How to use a Reed Diffuser?

  1. Take off the lid and remove the cap. 
  2. Grab your reeds and place them in the glass vessel.
  3. Arrange reeds so they are all separated, this will make you feel like a true home decor goddess. 
  4. Find a home for your diffuser. BUT be sure it is out of reach of pets, children, or anything that might knock it over. 
  5. Flip reeds every 1-2 weeks for longevity, while keeping your home smelling b.e.a.utiful! Note: We recommend doing this over the sink or bin to prevent any oil from getting on surrounding surfaces or items.
  6. Enjoy your reed diffuser for up to 6 months! When you notice the oil level is low, grab yourself a diffuser refill pouch or repurchase, we know you’ll be hooked on that fresh home smell. 


Where to place a Reed Diffuser?

That’s a great question, we’re so glad you asked! You can place your reed diffusers anywhere really, as long as it is out of reach of little ones and pets! But to get the most out of your diffuser there are a few key areas we recommend. 

Foyer/entry way/front door: If you really want to WOW your guests and yourself for that matter, the main entrance to your house is the perfect place for your diffuser to live. This high traffic area means high impact scent appreciation.

Bathroom/powder room: Need we say more. Seriously though, this is a game changer. Less stinky stink, more fresh fragrance. This is the perfect area for 24/7 fragrance. 

Kitchen/living area: The hub of the home, where a majority of your time and that of your family and guests will spend. There is nothing worse than the smell of last nights fish curry permeating your home. Don’t worry, your reed diffuser has your back.

Bedroom: Ah, a place of solitude, unless of course you have ankle-biters (kids). What even is solitude, am I right? One can dream though. At least there is that calming aroma. 

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